Packaging Django Apps

Into Distributable Packages

One of the cool things about Django projects being broken down in to Apps, is that these apps can be packaged and distributed separately. This presentation, given to Pittsburgh Code and Supply on July 8th, 2015, detailed why you might want to turn your Django apps into packages, and how to do so.

The presentation slides can be found here:

Packaging Django Apps Slides

The slides above mostly served as talking points for Python packages and Django apps. To actually get into the details of packaging django apps, I put together a demonstration of these concepts in a small, packaged, installable django application:

Django Kittens

For another treatment of python packaging, see the notes from my presentation on Python Packaging: What and How

Additional Resources

There are lots of good resources on Python packaging and Django applications, a few of which are listed below. Additionally, I’ve included a link to the template that I’ve in the past for setting up the initial structure of my projects.

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